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Why buy stretch wrap  in full pallets?

When buying stretch wrap there is tremendous saving when you buy in the same quantity that the manufacturer ships in. For example most hand stretch wrap comes either 36 or 48 cartons per pallet and most machine stretch wrap come 40 rolls per pallet. Think about all the extra handling involved when shipping less than a pallet. Not only does each carton need to be handled but they have to be individually labeled and shipped. This more than triples the cost of handling. Also there are almost never damages when shipping full pallets. You know what happens when you ship UPS.

Another big saving is meeting the stretch wrap manufacturer’s minimum for direct shipments. Again, think what this saves. Not only do you cut your freight costs in half but again consider the handling. When the product is shipped to me I need to unload it and put into stock. Then, I need to take it out of stock re-load and re-ship it. If I have it shipped directly to you, I don’t even have to touch it. Most stretch wrap manufactures require a 5 pallet minimum to direct ship but because of our special arrangement to sell nationwide we have only a 2 pallet minimum. When comparing prices remember our pallet pricing includes free shipping.

Why you should be using a Hi-Tec 7-layer Stretch film?

Because Hi-Tec 7-Layer stretch film is better. It is stronger and wraps pallets tighter. And even though it is thinner, it stretches more than conventional stretch films. Try a sample, compare it to your current film.

Don’t go by the thickness, the strength is in the composition not the gauge (thickness). Stretch wrap strength is no longer measured by gauge, it is measured by a combination of force to load (how tight the pallet is wrapped) and puncture resistance. This is where a 7-layer stretch film excels. With two layers dedicated to force to load and two other layers dedicated to puncture resistance it excels in both areas while still having two layers to provide excellent cling. Try a sample of our Hi-Tec 7-layer stretch wrap you will never go back to conventional stretch wrap.