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Just Packaging Supplies (JPS) provides one of the most competitive price structures in the industry. With over 30 years in packaging supplies and specific expertise in stretch wrap film, we know how to stretch our customer’s budget and shrink their costs.

Buy Smart™ with JPS

We show our customers the extraordinary savings in buying pallet volume. You will not believe the amount of money that goes directly to your bottom line. With the JPS system, you’ll never pay ridiculous rush, or shipping charges because your stretch wrap film ran out. Our Customer Care Team will review your usage history and set-up an automatic prompt to confirm your next order 2-3 weeks before your inventory is depleted. If your usage pattern changes, no problem. It’s better to skip a delivery cycle, than it is to run out. Additionally, you’ll avoid the high unit cost associated with buying emergency rolls.

Beyond the direct cost savings of buying pallets, JPS is one of the first to know when new stretch wrap products are introduced, many of which may work as effectively for your application – once again for a lot less money.

When we say “Buy Smart”, we mean it and we’re happy to show you how.
Call now and learn how much and in how many ways your company can save, 877-669-5905.


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